That’s actually pretty much how it goes…

Me, listening to my iPod on the way to the side gig:

“…Now I been out in the desert, just doin’ my time
Searchin’ through the dust, lookin’ for a sign
If there’s a light up ahead well brother I don’t know
But I got this fever burnin’ in my soul
So let’s take the good times as they go
And I’ll meet you further on up the road”*

And my brain says “there.”

Me: “what?”

“That’s the song that’s the base of that story.”

“What story?”

“The story of how the devil claimed the Territory.”

“Oh.  That story.  We weren’t going to write that story for a while yet. If ever.”


“There’s like, two novels and a novella and a short story in queue ahead of it.”

“But Shiny!”

*sighs*  “I guess I could write it as a year-end story-present to readers….”

“Um yeah.  It’s a novel.”

“oh, FUCK YOU, brain.”


*”Further on Up The Road,” B. Springsteen

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