Sundry and Various (news of news)

Some small but nice (writing) news:

I’ve sold the flash fiction “Storytime” to Daily SF!

And I am Informed by Sources that THE COLD EYE hit #8 on the Locus hardcover bestseller list!

(and was #7 on the Borderlands list in January, which I’d missed…)




In less joyful news, after the new ToS were applied for Livejournal, I’ve chosen to end my association with them, and move lock stock and comments to Dreamwidth, where I can be found as “LAGilman.”

Hopefully, enough of the community will make the shift as well, so we’ll only have a few hiccups as we find each other again….  (You’d think we’d be used to this by now.  Digital is both permanent and ephemeral.  Much like flesh-life, really…)

I continue to be a mouthy broad at Tumblr as well – but I may be changing the name of that account to match everything else.  Stand by for updates, once I decide.


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