State of the Meerkat update, with bonus #Writerbrain

“Let me get this right: you’re worried because your editor really liked the book, and didn’t find any major broken things you need to fix?”

“Yes!….*pause*…That’s not normal?”


So maybe it’s just me, I don’t know.  My editor’s a smart, experienced woman, but I’m SURE the book has some major whoopsie in it… maybe the copyeditor will find it for me.  Or, yeah, maybe I did sweep the table, this time. Maybe.  *peers suspiciously at manuscript, which may or may not be peering back*

And that pretty much sums up this week for me.  Working on the writer-edits for PROMISES TO KEEP.  Working on the editor-edits for FIXED. Working on the cover(s) for both Sylvan Investigation novellas. Working with d.y.m.k. clients. There’s other stuff going on too, some of which has required me to dress up in my adult person clothing and take lunch meetings, but it’s nothing to be spoken of in public yet.

Oh, and waiting on one, two, three different checks from publishers, while I shuffle my budget to get through the month.  I hate January.

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