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Because some of you may’ve gotten shiny new e-readers recently, and some of you may’ve missed my happy flailing when these were first released, and because hey, if I’m not telling you about my books, I’m falling down on part of the job, right?

Dragon Virus
$4.99 at BookView Cafe Amazon  B&N

“Laura Anne Gilman makes you care. You care about her characters and their choices; you care about what’s happening to their world.”
—Walter Jon Williams

It began soon after the Millennium. Reports of newborns with strange malformations, too weak to live…caused by a single genetic mutation. Or, as the press quickly dubbed it, the Dragon Virus. Scientists predicted that it was an evolutionary dead end; that the mutation would burn itself out quickly; that it was nothing to be worried about.

They were wrong.

Everything was about to change.

Six connected stories, charting the end – beginning – of everything we know, everything we fear, everything we hope for….

With an Introduction by Walter Jon Williams

From Whence You Came: A Lands Vin Novella
$4.99 at BookView Cafe
Centuries before the Vineart War, massive sea-serpents roamed the seas, endangering the lives of all who sailed there. Only the greatest magic could keep them in check, and protect the coastlines from their depredations. And then…they disappeared. Legend credited Master Vineart Bradhai, and called him a hero.

Legend…. is not always accurate. And often, the truth is a better story.

Set in the world of the Nebula Award-nominated Vineart War trilogy

Practical Meerkat’s 52 Bits of Useful Information for Young (and Old) Writers
$2.99 at BookView Cafe

Writing is a craft. Publishing is a business. Today’s world requires you to understand both.

A year’s worth of first-hand advice from the popular “Practical Meerkat” series, including:
• Knowing When Not to Complain (and how to do it)
• Bar Schmoozing with the Big Dogs (even if you don’t drink)
• Dealing with a Difficult Editor/Agent
• and 49 more!


Beyond Grimm
Edited by Deborah J Ross and Phyllis Irene Radford
$4.99 at BookView Cafe

Not your grandmother’s fairy tales…

From the far-ranging imaginations of Book View Café authors comes this delirious collection of classic tales newly twisted into dark, dangerous, and occasionally hilarious re-tellings. From the golden isles of Greece to the frozen north, from fairytale castles to urban slums, join us on an unforgettable journey!

Breaking Waves
Edited by Tiffany Trent and Phyllis Irene Radford
$4.99 at BookView cafe

All proceeds from the sale of this anthology will go to th Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund f the Greater New Orleans Foundation.

Breaking Waves offers glimpses of maritime splendor, poignancy, and humor through the works of poets, essayists such as Rachel Carson, and Hugo and Nebula-award winning authors such as Ursula K. Le Guin, Vonda N. McIntyre, and David D. Levine.

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