State of the Meerkat, revision edition

This week I’ve been head-down on the final push to get GIN & TONIC #3 into submission draft shape (aka “where I don’t flinch at the thought of my editor reading it and telling me what STILL needs to be fixed”).

The problem with reading your draft out loud: by the time I get to a certain point in the manuscript, all I have left is a squeak. The brain may be able to go on, but the voice is throwing in the towel….  So it doesn’t all get done in a day.  Or even two.

Last night’s dream involved foreign travel, unexpected and quite beautiful snowfall, photographs of same, and running into a friend/fellow writer on the steps of the piazza of an old stone monastery that had been turned into a cafe…

Yeah, I don’t know either. My brain, man. It needed a break?

Other than that, I got nothing.  I’m holed up in the meerkat’s den, revising and drinking too much diet Coke (allowed only on road trips and revision trips), having pizza slid under the door, and leaving only to go for the daily miles, so I don’t end this round with less muscle tone than I started it….

Meanwhile, FIXED (Gin & Tonic #2) will be out in a few weeks.  I have a Thing Planned, if I can finish this revision in time to get it in motion….

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