State of the Meerkat: Holiday Weekending

Short version: I spent one slightly rainy day and two very nice warm bright sunny days being Out! and Social! and Eating! (in some cases actually picnicking) and doing not a lick of work.

(unless you call some planning-Life-for-2015 work. Do we?)

All in all, a very pleasant break between deadline achieved and deadlines oncoming.

And then there was the Case of the Transit Worker Meltdown.

Last night, well after midnight, I heard a bus or truck idling outside. Okay, hrm. But the noise didn’t go away. I thought maybe someone was getting towed, as occasionally happens.

But then I started to hear swearing. Loud, rather unimaginative swearing. And a mention of cops. So I staggered to the window to see a NYC transit bus pulled to the side, lights on, enging idling, and the driver swearing…at the driver of another bus that had pulled alongside (they were both driving the same route that goes past my building).

The second driver eventually pulls away, and the first driver stomps the length of his (empty) bus, then shuts off the light and (finally, blessedly) turns off the engine, and stomps out onto the sidewalk. No further swearing is heard, but he seems considerably agitated, to the point that I wondered if he was in fact having some kind of meltdown.

I – not being that good a Samaritan – went back to bed. At some point the engine started up again, but when I woke at 5:30, the bus was gone.

There is always an Unknown Drama in the City, every hour of every day….


And how was your holiday (or non-holiday for non-USAns) weekend?

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