One Month Later…

Excuse me while I hit some of the review highlights for SILVER ON THE ROAD….

“In this delightful start to The Devil’s West series… Gilman skillfully plays with western folklore and history, infusing them with ambiguity and subtle strangeness to deliver a memorable adventure out on the untamed frontier. Refreshingly, her vision of the American West includes respectful portrayals of Native Americans. Isobel’s coming-of-age story is very accessible to teens, and there’s plenty for adventure-minded adults to enjoy as well.”  – Publishers Weekly

“Silver on the Road takes an underused setting for fantasy—the American West—and uses it to explore coming of age, the limits of power and responsibility, and the importance of mingling compassion and justice. It’s fresh and original and the language is both stark and lovely. The descriptions of the natural landscape of the West fit beautifully with descriptions of talking animals, travelling magicians and terrifying supernatural forces.  4.5 stars”  – RT Reviews

“The characters and setting keep the interest of fans of atmospheric, strange Wild West stories.” – Library Journal STARRED REVIEW

“One of the things I most love about [Gilman’s work] is the way she takes folklore and myth and makes it her own, rendering the familiar into something new and strange, but at the same time coherent and consistent… I think Silver On The Road, the first of Gilman’s Devil’s West series, has surpassed her own previous efforts for world building, and that is no small task.”
– Green Man Review

” In Laura Anne Gilman’s stark, sparkling Silver on the Road, the star of the show is the devil’s nimble, freshly minted left hand: Isobel, not a day over 16, reared alongside saloon girls and gamblers, and very suddenly sent off on a Western odyssey she cannot begin to understand….While Isobel may perfectly capture all the feelings of inadequacy of adolescence…she’s also a modern encapsulation of the hero’s journey.  In fact, that’s what Gilman does best here, infusing the classic with the modern. Her cocktail of Western folklore, Native American mythos, and known history are seamless, and will be a particular treat to fans of the other master of that kind of mashup, Neil Gaiman.”   –

“[Gilman] not only has a knack for writing kick-ass female characters who are also – SHOCK! – allowed to have weaknesses, she has a knack for worldbuilding, sneaking in all the little details of the world that make it believable….  The end of the book feels real to Izzy’s character, and was, actually, eminently satisfying.  5/5  – when does the next one come out?” – Book In The Bag

“[A] fresh take on the hero’s journey……I liked Izzy and loved seeing her growth. At only sixteen she’s already quite strong and courageous; I can’t wait to see what else she has in store.   [Silver on the Road] was entertaining, fascinating, and a wonderful story. I’ll be looking for the next book.” – Bea’s Book Nook

“I’ve enjoyed Laura Anne Gilman’s previous novels and stories but with SILVER ON THE ROAD she creates an entirely different level of fiction, an exciting mix of world creation and character study and realignment of fantasy and history. Part road novel and part coming of age story, SILVER ON THE ROAD is well written and insightful…I look forward to the sequels and highly recommend this novel to others.”
– Jason Sanford, “Novel of the Week”

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