oh hai, have you MET me?





Beta reader, given the first half of “Doghouse” to, well, beta-read:  *readsreadsreadsdamnpatronsneedtobuggeroffsoIcanread*

Me: oh, she’s liking it,  it must not suck too badly!

3 seconds later:  she must not be reading it closely enough.

Just as no mother can see the ill of her child, no writer can see the good in theirs….

Regardless, we progress.  At some point in the next few days, I will have a submission-ready manuscript will go on to my editor, who will then tell me succinctly and in detail (I hope) what’s broken.  And then the cycle beings again.  It’s a good cycle: I take comfort in it.

And then I can get to the laundry list of Shit I Should Have Done Already…..

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