Not so much the “to do” list as the “OMGWTFBBQ gotta get done” list…

Before December 20:

– finish the draft of Portals #1
– finish the draft of G&T #1
– write “Don’t Push Your Shove.”
– finish writing “Wolf in the Woods”
– write ALL the Practical Meerkat essayss by November, so I can get the ebook edition revised & ready
– finish writing “in A Time of War”

– get back to work on That Project Yet UnBought
-stress over option material still pending
– launch a book (the shattered vine – 15 days and counting!)
– launch another book (tricks of the trade)
– finish up pending interviews (digital & otherwise)
– attend Capclave
– attend World Fantasy
– update website widgets


um.  wheee?

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