Monday Morning dawns less hot but just as humid….

Today is going to be about untangling and reknotting plot threads. And kitten-wrangling. These two things have much in common…

For those of you who missed it over the weekend I have a new post up at Book View Cafe, on owning your shit and leaving the drama on the page.

New Kitten Update: I knew cats are nocturnal. I had forgotten that nocturnal + kitten energy = 4am wakeups. Thankfully, he hasn’t quite figured out he’s allowed on the bed yet, so Saturday night was mostly a lot of racing around UNDER the bed. And occasional attempts to leap onto CatofSize that were met with better grace than expected (i.e. nobody was smacked into the wall).

Sunday morning they were pleased to play with opposite ends of a hiking bootlace, and share treats side by side without hissing. However, Lil Idjit has decided (because his first 36 hours were spent locked in the bathroom) that every time I go in there HE MUST SUPERVISE.

Also, Idjit needs to learn that power cords are off-limits to kittens. I’ve never had a cat do that before…. (one person has suggested wiping the cords down with white vinegar. Anyone else have that work?)

This morning there was another round of 4am Territory Negotiation.  Boomer is showing a remarkable level of patience, and is getting treats and mom-time in reward.  If I had a small kitten trying to pounce on my tail (pauses to remove small kitten from ankle) I’d be much less zen.  Boomer is in fact, doing reasonably well, considering Cas wants to bat at his tail, chew on his ears, and steal his food (this the cat who used to steal Pandora’s food, so I’m thinking it’s karma except Cas shouldn’t be eating adult food yet).

On closer examination we have determined that Cas is in fact, a medium-haired cat, not a short-hair. And he is a cuddler (when he’s not zooming around like Ricochet Rabbit). And is going to be one of the reasons why I may need an extension on the current book’s deadline…

I have video, but WP is being cranky and won’t let me load it. So have some pictures, instead.
Photo on 2013-07-21 at 11.291010357_10200900868658080_1097020525_n

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