Midweek rollup and countdown

I am not where I want to be with this second pass draft.

Howsomever, I have gotten to and halfway through the point where, in first pass draft, I thought “I”ll figure that out/fix that later.” And lo it is later, and I have in fact figured it out. Fixed… well, that’s for 3rd pass to determine, not now.

And I’m within the “yeah we’re good” word count. So there is no stress on that side. I will add more, especially after the Research Road Trip gives me specific color and context, but the 100K word length is a more-or-less done thing (and m’editor always pokes at things that need adding in HIS pass, too)

I’d pluck you a bit in-progress, but it’s spoilers all the way down, from here on.

And I finally got off my ass and took the MAST test, so I’m now legally certified to open, serve and sell wine in Washington State, well within the legal time for me to get said certification.

And I was interviewed by Adventures in SF Publishing podcast. So that’ll go up at some point. They managed to put me to the blush, people. It takes very specific skills to do that… (about what? well, you’ll just have to listen, won’t you)

And now I need to cook up some chicken, and open some wine to get me through tonight’s SPN season finale, and the next three days I’m wearing my wine-sellers hat, not my writer’s hat, so that will be a nice change…?

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