Sundry Silliness

And here, dear readers, you will find the various things I inflict upon my friends and family — and now, you.

As most of them are filk or parody, they are for sharing freely. I ask only that a) you link back to this site if reposting, and b) if you actually perform any/all of theses anywhere, made a video and send it to me!


— Laura Anne

“She’s Tired” (agent’s remix)

“Written on the Occasion of a Book-Birthday”

The Hunting of the Catnap Vibe (with apologies to Lewis Carroll)

The Writer’s Psalm

A Contracts Line: The Musical – “One”

“Under Deadline” (somewhere, David Bowie and a handful of muppets are snickering)

The Tasty Goatherd (because cannibals need yodeling songs, too)

Sonnet 139 (the Cannabis Remix)

“Anything For Words (But I Won’t Do That)”

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