Laying Hands on a (Signed) Copy of SILVER ON THE ROAD: The FAQ

You’re not doing a lot of signings to support this book!  How can I get a signed copy?

Yeah – I’d hoped to be able to support the book more with in-person signings, but it would have had to’ve been on my own dime, and the budget just wasn’t there.  :-(

However!  Even if you live far away in a place where no writer ever comes to visit ever (yes, I’ve gotten your email, I sympathize), you can lay hands on a signed (and possibly even personalized!) copy of SILVER ON THE ROAD.  Because the following bookstores have offered to handle mail or phone orders of signed copies!

BORDERLANDS BOOKS, in San Francisco, CA.

 Call (888 893-4008 or email 


Call  1-800-335-7323 or 206-634-3400

Or use this form:

They will ask:

*what (if anything) you would like the inscription to say,

*the address you’d like the book sent to,

*What kind of shipping you want (they will be able to quote you costs)

*and how you would like to pay for your order.

What about book plates?

Ahhh, glad you asked!  Yes, if you’ve already bought your copy, and would like a signed bookplate, all you have to do is send email me and request one!  (I’ll eat the cost of the stamp).

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