farewell the year….

I have completed all my contracted-for freelance work, and handed in everything that was due in 2011 (except the final “Practical Meerkat” essay,  which is scheduled for next Friday).  Even much of the work that’s due in early ’12 is under control/out with beta readers.

For most people, that would translate to ON VACATION.

Actually, it does for me, too.  Except my idea of vacation is “Now I get to work on the Project that’s been waiting quite patiently for me to have time, all year.”

It also means that I’ll be traveling a bit, and going mostly off-the-grid from the 28th until 5 January.

May you all have a lovely holiday, whatever holiday(s)you observe, and a safe and happy New Year’s Eve/First Night/New Year’s Day!



–and don’t forget – you till have 10 days left to get involved with the Lands Vin Kickstarter project!–


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