Friday’s Finding Nemo

Today involved me hauling downtown for a Sekrit Business Meeting (it went well, thanks), and then hauling back home again before the storm AKA Nemo turned to full-on snow.

We won’t get hammered the way southern NE will, but da Bronx looks to be taking its fair share.  Earlier today there was a beagle doing the OMG HAPPY Snow HAPPY! dance outside my window.  A little while later a Yorkie was doing the OMG HALP RESCUE ME! dance.

The next 24 hours are all about nesting and holing up.  I am doing the traditional storm carb-loading, with pasta and a bottle of Lion’ Whisker, which is a SA red blend I recently discovered and am quite fond of.  I probably should not drink this entire bottle of wine my ownself.  But when watching snow falling and reading innnnteresting research materials, it’s hard to keep an eye on the bottle level….

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