this fog will never lift it will always be like rain

Yesterday’s bounty: 2K new words on the mystery, and a revelation in the backbrain about revisions to be done on the fantasy, plus some long-range promo work done for DEAD MAN’S HAND which you can get your own hands on in 12 days….

and I declutterd the office, which after three days of rain was starting to remind me of a car after a long road trip, minus the fast food wrappers but with bonus abandoned tea mugs.

I am quite tired of this rain, which has been enough to keep me inside but not fierce enough to create any kind of ‘safe from the storm’ enjoyment.  Of course, considering I’m heading into tornado country during tornado season in a few weeks, maybe I should just hush about that?

Today’s goal: another 3K and we’re into the final twist of the plot before the Grand Confrontation.  Right now, our Investigators have all the pieces.. they just don’t KNOW they have all the pieces.  *rubs hands, gets back to’t*

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