Five Things make a State of the Meerkat Sunday

So let’s see where things stand, shall we?


1.  This weekend has mostly been me lazing about, and doing bits of things that need doing. Rather boring to blog about.  Except signing the contracts (finally!) for Gin & Tonic #3 & #4.  That’s always exciting.

2.  Today is father’s day. As I said elsewhere in the socialsphere, I’m thankful that I don’t need a special day to remind me to be glad I have a dad who is smart, sane, loving & funny. And also eye-rollingly stubborn, often irritating and intentionally infuriating. But that, as someone else said, is pretty much a dad’s job. :-)

3.  A project that was supposed to be wrapped up last week has been put into limbo because of Other People, and I lost out on another freelance gig due to Project A not being wrapped up yet.  I’m trying to be philosophical about this…

4.  Last month I was challenged to write a story in a new-to-me subgenre, for a not-yet-open-to-submissions anthology. I was dubious – most of what’s popular in that sub-genre isn’t my thing. But the editor seemed convinced that yes, they really wanted to see my take on it.

So this weekend I printed out what I have of the story and started going over it.  Blending my quirks w/ its structure… yeah. And this isn’t a topic I’m comfortable writing the surface of – there’s going to be some deep bruising here, and pulling my own gut feelings into the ink. And a lot of thinking in-between the words.

This is how you grow, as a writer. Growing hurts.

5. Meanwhile, I was feeling a little out-of-sorts for no particular reason, so I decided to combine exercise with a treat, and walked down to the local high-end market for something sweet (they have the best selection of quality chocolate, as well as real halvah).  I came home with:  salmon bits, raw almonds, and pesto.  I was sort of bemused at myself (dude, none of those are sweets) when I realized that what they all ARE are chemical Mood Improvers.  My subconscious is once again smarter than the rest of me.

(I kind of regret bypassing those macaroons, though.)

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