Defining panic…

So there I was, working hard on Iteration 2.1 of the mystery project, when I get an email from Madame EditrixB* saying “hi! Would it be possible to get the first 2 chapters (or 20-25 pages if they’re short) today or tomorrow morning?” because they want to send excerpts to the sales force for Fall 2012 sales kits.

At which point I uttered the Eeep Heard ‘Round the City, because there is No Way this is ready to be seen by anyone other than my betas (it’s due Monday).  And I say this unto my main betareader, and she beats me ’round the head and shoulders, informing me that my idea of “not ready” is the equivalent of many people’s final drafts.

Which, if true, is scary as hell people, I’m just saying.

But she held my hand, and looked over two possible excerpt, and did a final beta on them, and with her gentle boot to my backside, I got the file out to Madame Editrix in a timely fashion.

So.  Baby Book is going to be seen by Other People.  Or at least parts of it.

The only cure is to keep working, and Don’t Think About It.

yeah.  right.

*I currently Have Madame Editrix Matrice (A) and Madame Editrx Micki (B) and Monsieur Editor Adam. Watch me juggle the deadlines…

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