Danny and Ellen are baaaaaaack! (along with a few old friends)

It’s heeeere……. the newest Cosa Nostradamus installment!

THE WORK OF HUNTERS (Sylvan Investigations #3)
$3.50 – A BVC Original

Danny Hendrickson – ex-cop turned PI – and his partner Ellen could be any low-rent private investigators trying to make a difference, and a living, in New York City.

Except Danny’s father was a faun, and Ellen is a storm-seer.  Which means that they bridge the line between human and fatae, between Talent and Null — and specialize in helping people who fall into the dangers between…

In The Work of Hunters, Ellen’s most recent vision strikes a memory for Danny — a memory that quickly turns deadly. Soon, they are racing the clock not only to stop a new killing, but to find justice for the long-dead.

“Gilman breaks your heart in the best way possible as she revisits the Cosa Nostradamus world with charming half-faun Danny taking the lead…  [it] delights.” — C.E.Murphy, bestselling author of Shaman Rises


In honor of the new novella, the prices of the first two have been dropped to $2.50, but only on BVC! Grab ’em while they’re cheap(er)!
Milles to Go
Promises to Keep

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