Brief Updatery

Slightly under the weather today (note to self: scallops are tasty but your system really, really doesn’t like ’em), but managed to update the Sightings and Signings page for 2017 with all the most recent, updated, and relevant information!

(also: links where you will be able to order signed copies of THE COLD EYE and SILVER ON THE ROAD if you can’t make it to the signings in person)

Plus! This week’s #bookqw is “familiar,” so here’s your snippet, from DARKLY HUMAN

2 thoughts on “Brief Updatery”

  1. If this is added to your list of published works on Goodreads I’ll happily scamper over and leave a glowing review. Loved every story. Every. Single. One.
    Thanks for a fab evening’s entertainment I will revisit.

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