Book 2, more or less on deadline.

110,000 words and still in need of some editorial poking and prodding to get it to where it needs to be, but hey, that’s WHY I have an editor. And it’s his problem now. :-)

*falls over goes thud for 16 hours before GISHWHES starts*

And, because I’m at the far edge of obsessing about these things, I checked WorldCat. The Seattle Public Library reportedly has 4 copies of SILVER ON THE ROAD on order, and the Minnetonka (MN) library has 3 requests, so here’s hoping they get at least one copy in.

And that’s it.

(Dear NYPL: you don’t love me any more?)

Okay, it’s VERY early days, I know. But if you happen to wander past your local librarian and leave a note saying “I’d really love it if you got a copy of this book in for me,” that’s – I’m told – really helpful to librarians trying to wrangle their budgets over book lists….

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