And the reviews start to come in…

Currently in the Specific Northwest doing research for a new project, but mine publicist has sent along the following Nice Things:

RT Reviews gave THE SHATTERED VINE 4.5 stars and Top Pick!

“The final volume of Gilman’s Vineart War trilogy is both compulsively readable and full of complicated characterization…the story builds to a climax, which is both unexpected and utter perfection.”

and Kirkus had some nitpicks about my villian, but overall said very nice things that made the writer very happy.

“The concluding chapter in Gilman’s Vineart War trilogy brings the story to a satisfying end, expanding on the author’s unique concept of magic as expressed through winemaking… By mixing familiar fantasy elements with unexpected new approaches, Gilman produces a novel that’s both traditional and forward-thinking.”

Based on the usual way things go, the third Major of Genre Reviewing (PW) will no doubt haaaaaate the book, just to keep my ego balanced.  We Shall See.

and now I have to go do More Research, and hit every local bookstore in the area to scribble in available books.  If you’re in the Seattle Area, check the shelves!  :-)

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