and she’s home…

Spain was lovely, and while I wrote up a quick trip report of the first few days for BookViewCafe, I then fell off the blogging wagon entirely and merely tweeted random updates as we had bandwidth and energy.  As soon as I get the photos identified and posted, I’ll let the three of you who’re interested know.

And now I am home, and have reconsidered and rejiggered my work schedule for the rest of 2012, and that sound you heard, yes, was me howling in agony but also in enthusiasm, because if there’s one thing I love, it’s deadline stress.

No, really.  Working is SO MUCH better than not-working, and I work best when I know the clock is ticking.  YMMV, please remember to fasten your seat belt.

1 novel to revise.  1 novel to finish.  1 novel to write.  2 novellas to write.  2 short stories (possibly three) to write.  Also, all the related production work that goes with that.  1 novel I’m noodling on, on-spec.  Plus, editorial clients.  Wheeee!

Anyway, am starting to update the site with info about the new books coming, and also contemplating possible signing strikes on random innocent bookstores.  If you’d want me to swing by, now’s the time to say hi!

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