Ah Monday, we meet again!

So yeah, the weekend was spent dealing with paperwork and filing (did you know that 8+ years of royalty statements =  a LOT of paper?  It does.  I probably should get that stuff scanned in at some point, and coldfile the paperwork….) and the aforementioned culling of the shelves.  So I woke this morning to a pile of books giving me betrayed looks. Sorry guys, but it’s better this way. Maybe you’ll find new readers who will love you better than I could….

Part of the “purge and declutter” program this weekend was making sure all my cds had been loaded onto my laptop/ipod.  Ahem.  Apparently, they hadn’t been. OK, that explains why I always thought I had more music than was showing up….

All that done, it’s back to the word mines today. Staying on schedule means the first novella needs to be drafted by 1 August. I can do that. Probably. Wait, wait, it’s almost August already? *panics faintly*

Also:  I KNOW, I said the blooper reel #1 would be posted this week for relevant Kickstarter backers.  And I really thought it would happen.  But it WILL happen.  Soon.  Promise.

Meanwhile, have a snippet:

I’d filled (the thermos) with holy water before we left Manhattan.  I had no idea if it would be useful against anything we might encounter, but my mother raised me to consider the angles and cover my odds.  Then again, tossing holy water onto wild current might blow half the city up.  It’s uncertainty like that that makes my job fun.

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