Weekend Wisdom (?) from the Wordwar Room….

For newcomers: the wordwar room is an online co-writing session, wherein convivial peer pressure (in 30 and 60 minute ‘wars’) makes the words happen.  Also the griping, whinging, and idea-testing.  The room runs 24/7, with members across the globe. Any serious-about-it writer is welcome to join us.


Ideas are easy.  Execution is where you make it your own. Or you make your own execution.

“When lacking alertness, substitute deadline panic.”  <– my motto

You Might Be A Writer If: positive reader feedback on the WiP makes you feel MORE paranoid, because clearly they’re missing something!


Proof-of-work from the WiP:

The blood hit the salt, and spread, one single drop staining the entire line dark red.

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