Update on the Westin Situation

So, last night I received an email from the head of security at the Westin Peachtree Atlanta.  He said that he was aware of the situation, and “regret(ted) that a follow up was not shared with you for your awareness.”  He assured me that the situation will be “addressed.”

I have responded, thanking him for his follow-up, but pointing out that the (non-)reaction of the front desk manager was still unacceptable, as was their not following up on anything until 24 hours after I had to ask what was going on (and 72 hours after the actual incident).

The manager did, grudgingly and well after-the-fact, offer to comp me a night’s stay.   All I had wanted was a timely phone call of “we’re terribly sorry this happened, please be aware that we are taking steps to ensure that this never happens again, please, have a drink on us to settle your nerves”  (not just someone from maintenance or security saying ‘ooops.’).

My take on the entire issue:  The incident was regrettable, and yes, the person who left the door open should be reprimanded for creating a security breach.  But mistakes happen.  How you follow up on them is the basis of good (or bad) customer service. One phone call, within 12 hours of the incident, would have turned this from a PR fumble to one of fumble-and-recovery.


(Sorry, it’s football season.  Sports metaphors will occur)





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