TourKornetsky launches with some velocity…

Thanks to the offices of a good friend who -despite gas rationing and shortages- was still willing to drive me to the airport at oh ack thirty, I made my flight with a minimum of stress. And we apparently had not a tailwind but a shake-your-tailwind, because we beat the predicted arrival time by a full hour. Seriously.

And so here I am, settled in my twinling’s guest room, with three dogs, a cat and a dishonorary niece and nephew to abuse, and I have to keep reminding myself that this isn’t a vacation. This week is all about launching COLLARED. Today…I am L.A. Kornetsky.

(except when LAG needs to make her wordcount on the WiP. Because THAT still needs to get done, too.)

So today will also be about hitting local bookstores to see if they have copies of COLLARED in, and signing everything I can lay hands on, and while I’m at it, doing some more research to finalize some settings in G&T#2: FIXED (out in mid-2013). And then tonight I may be taking some time off to go see SKYFALL, because violence and Daniel Craig are a damn good way to get over the impending ACK! of NEW BOOK!

Which you are all going to run out and buy, either for yourself or a mystery-reading friend/relative, right? As always, since this is a near-holidays release, if you want it personalized, I will send out bookplates on request, no cost to you. Just email me at lag-at-lauraannegilman-dot-net and tell me who to sign it for.

And if you’re in the Seattle area, come out and see me! Tuesday at noon, for a lunch signing at Seattle Mystery Bookshop (117 Cherry Street, Seattle, WA.), and then Tuesday evening at 7pm, for our launch party at Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub (Post Alley, Seattle, Washington).  I expect to see you, Seattle!

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