The Devil’s West: a pause, not a stop. And also a giveaway!

Today marks the official release date for RED WATERS RISING, the third book of the Devil’s West, and the conclusion of Isobel’s mentorship ride (or, as I call it, “the ‘devil’s ride’ trilogy”).

Wow.  I’d say it’s been a crazy trip, but it’s nowhere near over.  There are two new novellas in the works (one taking place long before the trilogy, one taking place more-or-less immediately after), and a bunch of short stories percolating, and, well, I don’t see myself leaving the Territory any time soon.

But for now, the trilogy is complete, the heroine’s journey has been taken, and…well, not all battles have been fought, much less won, but that’s the thing about stories – sometimes, the narrative just changes hands.

So keep your eyes open for more news.

And meanwhile, since on birthdays it is appropriate to give presents…

I have four (4) full sets of the trilogy in trade paperback (SILVER ON THE ROAD, THE COLD EYE and RED WATERS RISING)  to give away*.  And all you have to do is go to your preferred social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr) and make a public post (the public part’s important) about who you’d give the copies to and why,  tag it #GabrielsGift, and link me to it (following me is optional but fun).   And then, on July 5th, the Oracular Cats will choose one winner from each platform.

4-color ad for the devil's west trilogy

*North American entries only, sorry.  I hope to do an ebook giveaway that will be open to everyone soon, too.

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