Tease Tuesday for November 19th

Every Tuesday I take a small chunk of something I’m working on – fantasy, mystery, mainstream, whatever… and post it.  No titles, no other info, utterly random.

Y’all can give feedback or not, as you wish.  Or even try to guess what it’s from, if you’re so inclined.  There may or may not be a prize for getting it right.

There will be no prizes for nitpicking typos: all teases are from works in progress, which means typos are a natural side-effect of production.


The door had no markings on it, no announcement of what bureau resided behind, what bureaucrat ruled this particular domain, what agenda was pursued.  It was hardly secret – people went in and out of that door all the time.  Serious men, in solemn suits, often carrying leather document cases, and middle-aged women whose outfits were both stylish and unremarkable.  Occasionally, but only occasionally, men in uniforms would go in as well.  Inside, there were a series of offices with wooden doors, and a bullpen filled with half a dozen military-issue desks of battered metal, and chairs that almost matched.  Two of those desks were currently occupied.

“J’ai faim.”

You’re always hungry.”

“I am not.  We’ve been here for hours.”

“There are sandwiches on the platter.”

He glanced at the platter, pushed off to the side of one of the desks, covered in waxed paper that was curling at the edges.  “They were stale last week.  I’ve done my share of rations, thanks.  How many more files?”

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