State of the Meerkat, A Weekend Roundup

Friday night saw the first apartment cockroach sighting in almost 5 years. Torn between disgust, irritation and aiiiggghhhh!!!!!!! but I KILLED IT DEAD with the help of a heavy book grabbed off the reference bookshelf (IDEAS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD, for those interested). And this from a woman who will calmly help spiders and beetles to the window so they can go somewhere more appropriate…. Roaches just bring out a primal KILL IT DEAD instinct.

In better news, this weekend also brought the BVC royalty fairy. One of the glorious things about BVC is getting more-or-less realtime (and easy to read!) royalty statements. Many kudos must go to Madeleine Robins, who – no matter how large we grow – still has not killed anyone in the sorting and sending of said royalty statements….

(And if all you know of BVC is our admittedly active and interesting blog, you really should check out the bookstore… .  DRM-free publishing, and home to my SFnal novella DRAGON VIRUS as well as much else that is nifty….)

Other than that, I’ve spent the weekend working (slowly but steadily) on GIN & TONIC #3, running errands, and saying “Cas, what are you doing?” a lot.  Also, “Cas, leave your brother alone.”  And “Cas, you idjit.”  Boomer is being pretty damn patient, and only hissing when the tail-jumping gets too obnoxious.



Cas is still having trouble with that whole “do not bother mom while she’s working” thing…

An excerpt from G&T#3:

Teddy wanted to protest – it felt wrong, to poke at a friend, a co-worker- but she was only dividing things up according to their strengths: she researched, and he, well, poked.  “If either of them takes a swing at me, you’re paying for my ER visit.  My insurance sucks.”

“Hello, self-employed here,” Ginny said.  “Mine’s not much better.  They swing, you better duck.

A few links:

what crowdfunding can do:  “Inspired by Star Trek. Run on NASA technology.” Pretty Damn Cool.

Burka Avenger: Potentially Seriously Awesome.

Also also: I need to do this. For Research Reasons. Who’s in?

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  1. As far as that “research trip”: that looks like some pretty country I only skirted a little bit of on my drive west. (as you saw from my pictures).

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