sometimes you go forward sideways, with the prevailing winds

I woke up yesterday morning thinking “the bit in the outline is no longer the bit that should happen.”  Frustration occurred.  And I wrote about a hundred words of a new bit, and then stared at the screen and thought “well, what do I do with that, then?”

And then I was distracted by a Chore that suddenly became Urgent, and a summons to lunch with the parents (also so I could play Parental Tech Support) and various other things that resulted in a day of being Helpful to Other People. Which, by the way, is seriously tiring. But I didn’t bite anyone.

Which meant that the Bit was running in the background all day, not being stared or poked at. What some other people might call “not working,” but we know better, yes. So when I finally got home, I wrote a few hundred more words, and thought “okay, I think I know where this is going.”

And then I went to bed. Because sometimes the best thing you can do with a think is sleep on it.

And so this morning, I have a Bit-Think, and notes on the Think, and a fresh pot of coffee, and everything else gets put on the back burner until the New Bit is properly fitted and twisted. So the plan for today is AIC, with an extra helping of coffee.

Meanwhile, the morning has that odd clear light you get when the sun’s only just hidden by clouds & it hasn’t decided to rain, yet. Melancholy pretty. The weather co-operates: when the rain does begin (and it will), I’ll be glad I was out and about yesterday, and in and focused today.

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