salt bagels and surf and simmering sun….

Reportedly, one last day of over-90’s heat, and then we’re back to reasonable seasonable. I plan on spending all of next week in various stages of Outdoors, to celebrate.

[hopefully, everyone has come through their heat, excessive rain, or quench-already-you-damn-fire, and can relax a little now, too.  Why can’t we send the rain to the fire, anyway?  Science, get on that, stat.]

Meanwhile, revision work on Heart of Briar continues. It feels like a good book, if somewhat different than I’ve been doing. Fixing things that were broken, making sure to lay down the proper details for book 2, making notes for book 2…. I really wish I’d time to write both books of the duology and then do the revisions, but my publisher wants to release them both in late 2013, so that’s not going to happen.

Once this revision is in the can, it’s back to “Miles to Go,” and all sorts of digital production work, and some editing, and…..

oh yeah. There’s this book coming out in a few weeks, isn’t there?  *nervous glee*

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