Paying the piper (and also the electric bill and the vet’s bill, and….)

Since I got scolded for not shilling myself enough (ugh), I’m gonna do this all-promo post fast, and you can do with it as you will, after, ok?

1. If you’re not signed up for the Gilman Quarterly yet, you aren’t going to have a chance to win one of three limited edition West Winds’ Fool playing card decks on November 1st!

2. If you’re not signed up for my Patreon at the cheap-at-that-price $4 level, you’re not going to find out why everyone’s saying #damnitFran! Or, yanno, any of the other new fiction being inked.

3. If you’re not signed up for my Patreon at the really-cheap-at-that-price $1 level, you’re missing the Basic Shit wine posts, and the Rants, and the occasional extras and excerpts and oh look, a couple of special things coming for the end of the year….

4. If you haven’t checked out my Zazzle store, you’re missing out on some great potential holiday gifts (and more to come!)

5. and I have a lot of stuff you may not have read over on Book View Cafe, which is a 100% writer-owned publishing co-op, where the majority of all sales go to the author! (a reasonable percentage goes toward maintaining the co-op).

Go forth, have fun, drop a few coins in the storyteller’s bowl….


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