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I’m still waiting on revision notes for SOUL OF FIRE, and I’m not scheduled to start on G&T #3 until 1 March, so I’ve been working on New Project #2, also known for now as The Left Hand. (or, “the book NOT called TDW”)

So today I pulled up my Big Writer Pants and sent the first three chapters (rough draft) of the TLH to my alpha reader, aka “the willing victim.”

TWV came back with amazing speed (bless her) with some pointed comments about what wasn’t working, some useful advice that made me wail but nod, and overall the response that it did not make her weep the bad tears, and in fact might not suck*. And she GOT what I was trying to do, which is tell a different kind of coming-of-age story, with a notably different judgment-of-society.

So yeah, I think I might be on the right track with this one.  Onward!

darlings of the day:

He waited, his hat in his lap, heels on the floor, conscious of the pistol at his side and how utterly useless it would be, if the judgement went against him.


There were no windows in his office, but she thought sunlight might pick out a few more silver strands in his hair, now.  His shirt was open at the neck, vest undone and no cravat around his neck, so she could see his Adam’s apple move when he spoke.

*or, in non-writer terms, she liked it.

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