News, Updates & Deadlines, Monday edition

Some good news to start the week: I am informed that Audible has taken all four of the PSI novels (HARD MAGIC, PACK OF LIES, TRICKS OF THE TRADE, and DRAGON JUSTICE) for audio book.  I don’t know when who or how yet – updates as I have ’em, if I get ’em (nobody tells the author nuthin’).

Here’s hoping they do well, and we’ll be able to talk them into taking the Sylvan Investigations novellas as well…  :-D


Not to be outdone, my alter-ego L.A. Kornetsky also had a good weekend, with two new book-blogger reviews of COLLARED, both quite complimentary, including the closing line of  “a witty and entertaining detective adventure” from the Feathered Quill and “(a) charmingly likable series” from Cozy Chicks.

Yay Team Kornetsky!

If you were waiting to ask for a bookplate for a book-gift, by the way: today is the last day.  If it’s not in the mail by tomorrow morning, it will have to wait until January.  I’m not going anywhere <i>near</i> a post office until then….

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