Language, children!

I’ve just taken on some new obligations (because I didn’t have enough already?) that requires me to drive into Seattle several times a week.  Making the best of the situation, I decided to use that driving time, and pulled out the old language CDs to see if I could bring my Italian back up from “pretty much forgotten” to “rusty AF but slightly less embarrassing.”

I may have a slight issue, however, in that a not-zero percentage of the time I find myself responding in French, not Italian (and at least once in Spanish).  But at least no Portuguese, despite having to learn several phrases while writing the Devil’s West stories…

And I may have yelled out “your verb forms are still shit!”  Which probably confused the guy at the red light next to me.
When I claim that I speak just enough French, Italian and Spanish to get into trouble, and not enough to get OUT, I’m not actually joking.

But, I persevere.  And the ASL I’m also trying to learn is definitely coming in handy with Seattle traffic.  

Anyone out there find yourself in similar language-straits?

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