Kickstarter Project Update #11: Art! Also, OMG!

I woke up this morning to an amazing start to 2012 – we’ve broken $5000 on “From Whence You Came!”

*falls over dead of shock*

Which means we now not only get an amazing cover from Bob Eggleton (and trust me, it’s pretty damn awesome) but “bonus” sketches too!

I have NO idea what Bob’s going to pull out for this.  I’m not sure he does, either. I can’t wait to see, though!

And there’s still about 20 hours left!  I doubt that we’ll hit the next bonus level (turning the novella into a novel) but hey, if you guys can do it, the words will be written!  At this point I am indeed,

yr obedient scribe-servant,

Laura Anne

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