It’s Wednesday. All day. I think more caffeine is in order, don’t you?

Onward and onward on the revisions for HEART OF BRIAR.  As I said on the Other Social Medias (OSMs), writing a novel is like building a mountain out of pebbles. Revising is like trying to rearrange the pebbles without causing a landslide.  So far so good – the major changes are all making sense, and I think I know where and how to slot them into the existing story without breaking anything new, and the small changes seem to be sliding into place likewise.  So of course, today’s when I’m going to get buried in rubble, it seems almost inevitable.

In the process, though, I’m building up a nice pile of notes for the second book of the duology, which may or may not be called SOUL OF FIRE, depending on how the publisher feels that particular day….

Working on this keeps me from focusing on the fact that DRAGON JUSTICE will be in stores in less than a month, now.  Although I may have to face that fact, deal with it, and start doing Promotional Things soon….

Meanwhile, Practical Meerkat returns, for a once-a-month limited run, the first of which is here.

That’s all I got.  Hope y’all are staying cool, dry, warm, hydrated, not-on-fire, depending on your local and current climate conditions…

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