Into The New Year

The Year-End Project has been…not exactly put to rest, but it’s on a back burner, 40,000 words prepped and waiting for Discussions.

So, what’s up, what’s on deck?

Right now, the main priority is getting “Miles to Go” into final shipping shape for the Kickstarter backers.  They’re also due a few stories (I haven’t forgotten, guys!).  Plus, working with the good folk at PlusOne to get the second novella done, etc etc. That’s January/February.

I also owe some other folk stories in the next six weeks. That’s front-burner for January.  Also, revisions to the books I handed in to my editors in, respectively October and December. And there’s February/March, sorted.

After that?  I don’t know.  A lot of possibles. If the reaction was good, more Sylvan Investigations. The short story e-collection. Possibly another Gin & Tonic mystery or two.  Hopefully, another fantasy or three.  Waiting on callbacks.

Also, A Project I Can’t Talk About Yet, but that has me really excited.

I do know that in the second half of this year I have three novels coming out – the next Gin & Tonic mystery, FIXED, and the Portals fantasy duology, HEART OF BRIAR and SOUL OF FIRE. So it’s going to be a busy 2013 no matter what….

And that’s how I like it.  :-)

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