In which my love for a character drives me to do the (kickstarter) crazy….

So, I’ve handed in Portals #1 (now called HEART OF BRIAR) to my editor at Luna, and I’m working on Portals #2 (SOUL OF FIRE) and…. I still can’t get Danny out of my head.

Even thought I’m having a blast with the Portals duology, I had really, really wanted to write Danny Hendrickson – ex-cop, PI, human/faun crossbreed, and believer in True Love –  his own adventures.  He was such a good supporting character for so many of the Cosa Nostradamus novels, and he was so much fun to write in his own stand-alone story (in THOSE WHO FIGHT MONSTERS).  And everyone I mentioned the project to seemed to feel the same.  “I love Danny,” readers kept saying.

Yeah.  Me too.  And I had such fun working on the Lands Vin project, I decided that I’m crazy enough to say let’s do this thing.  If we can make it work…. yeah.  Danny will get his adventures.  And I will be a giddy, giggly meerkat.

(that sound you hear is my mother saying are you INSANE?  WHEN WILL YOU SLEEP?  I’ll sleep when I’m done, mom.  Promise.) 

If y’all are willing to come along with me…. click here, and join the Kickstarter party!

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