In which I’m getting the hang of this new-fangled multi-prong publishing world….

So, the last week of the year probably isn’t the best of times to announce a deal  (nobody’s around to cheer) and I’ll probably re-announce it come January, but the details have been hammered out and I’m pleased to say that PlusOne Press will be doing the trade paper edition* of Miles to Go/Promises to Keep, the first two Sylvan Investigations** novellas!

Ebook format will be available via BookView Cafe, and various and sundry other Official EBooksellers.

Estimated publication: November 2013. Details as they happen.

(if you Kickstarted, you should get the first e-book this January, and the second in February, after which they will be re-prepped for the General Readership.)

*all other rights remain with me. If you’re interested in, say, audio, translation, adaption rights….you know who to call. ;-)

**aka “the next Cosa Nostradamus stories, featuring Danny Hendrickson, a half-faun ex-cop PI.”

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