I have bookses! So YOU can have bookses! (aka “the semi-annual author’s closet sale”)

Huzzah to the UPS guy, for he did bring me my author copies of HEART OF BRIAR!

*cheers, pets the pretty new shiny*

And while I was considering what to do with them, I realized, to my horror, that… there was no room on the shelves to PUT the new copies!  Time to shift the older books into the author copy storage closet… but the closet is full!


And so it is time, once again, to throw open the closet doors and offer up backlist titles for a steal…. (and some newer book bargains).


Did you pick up FLESH AND FIRE and then never get around to picking up the other two books in the award-nominated Vineart War trilogy?  Never fear… you can remedy the situation!

WEIGHT OF STONE and THE SHATTERED VINE (hc): $16  (retail: $46)

WEIGHT OF STONE and THE SHATTERED VINE (mass market): $9 (retail: $15)

Heard about the Paranormal Scene Investigations series, but never got around to picking them up?  Scoop up all four (HARD MAGIC, PACK OF LIES, TRICKS OF THE TRADE and DRAGON JUSTICE) in trade paperback for $24! (retail: $50)

Came late, and missed the Retrievers series that started it all?  Alas, I have no STAYING DEAD to offer, but you can pick up the other five titles for $5 each, or all five for $20!

Curious about my shady career as a romance writer?  Check out Anna Leonard’s were-unicorn novel (really!) for $5, and get a copy of the paranormal romance anthology MIDNIGHT CRAVINGS for free!


Books will be inscribed/personalized or not, as the buyer desires. Limited availability, first buy-first serve.  All orders not inclusive of shipping (you pay actual costs, although I will happily make deals on larger orders)







7 thoughts on “I have bookses! So YOU can have bookses! (aka “the semi-annual author’s closet sale”)”

  1. I’ll take the set of Retrievers for $20….can I write you a check? I’d also like them signed natch….

    I already have a signed copy of “Staying Dead.”


  2. Have everything but the Anna Leonard and anthology, so I’d like those to keep collection complete.

    Inscribe to “Muldoon”, please.

    Let me know the total including shipping and I’ll send the check. I’ll also need the PO Box or mailing address.


    John Nikitow

  3. If they’re all still available, I’ll take Retrievers series #2,3,5,6, and the Anna Leonard, please.

    Thanks :)

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