Five Things Make An Update

Busy busy busy and really incredibly boring with it, unless watching me type is a turn-on (if so, you guys need better hobbies…).

1. Started writing the new UF novel, featuring geek girls, a pony with too high an opinion of himself, a repo man who’s sorry he asked, and something lurking under the crosstown bus.  And that’s just chapter 1.

2. Have been assigned to my new editor at S&S, for the mystery.  Feeling geeked and energized.  Also, readying to invade the Specific Northwest on a research trip.  Brace yourselves, Seattle/Portland…

3.  Have been invited into a new, potentially fun project.  If I do this, it will require MASSIVE amounts of caffeine.  And by massive I mean, an overdose by my standards.  Yes, I’m insane.  Your point?

4.  Got the royalty statements for FLESH AND FIRE and WEIGHT OF STONE.  Not wealthy yet.  Go buy another thousand copies of each, mmmkay?  You won’t be sorry!

5. And yes, there’s a new Practical Meerkat up, asking if you’ve met Those People….


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