Back to the Day/Night Job…

Politics does not stop the work.  Not much of anything stops the work, short of the flu (avert, avert).  My best-beloveds know this (which may explain why my best-beloveds are either likewise focused, or really really mellow).

Last night, we crossed the point to 75% funded on “From Whence You Came,” which was the point at which I’d promised I would stop second-guessing and hesitating, and write the hell out of the story the way it’s been asking for.

This morning I wrote another 1200 words, hit a major plot-pivot, and re-evaluated my outline.  Yeah, we’re looking at 30,000 words minimum, here.  Maybe closer to 40,000.  Well, I always knew this wasn’t a “little” story….

That’s what you get for $5.  For $30, you also get the “origin” story for Wren & Sergei (of the Retrievers books).  For $75, you get the novella, that short story, and another “origin” story for how Jerzy (of the Vineart War trilogy) ended up a slave.  Plus other “backer bonuses,” depending on where you come in.

This is all a massive experiment, but – unlike bio class back in high school – an enjoyable one.  Are we going to make it happen?  I sure hope so…

Meanwhile, I have gone back to the very rough first draft of the mystery, with a printout and a red pen.  That’s going to occupy my afternoons, while I write FWYC in the morning.  My beta readers expect this by New Year’s, and I’m scared enough of them to make it happen.

And the evenings?  That’s…. a secret.  For now.  :-)


and here: have an evil-eyed kitten:

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  1. Apropos of nothing whatever, do you play Wordament (Boggle(r) derivative) as meerkat online? I’d love to pce myself against a *professional writer*. Also, too, that game is the first mobile phone fame I’ve found seriously addictive

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