A Freelancer Looks At The Weekend….

Things I need to do between now and Monday….


1. get bike tuned up and wheel repaired (yeah, I haven’t gotten that done yet)
2. start the copyedit for SOUL OF FIRE (due Wednesday)
3. polish up the next segment of an ongoing freelance project (due Tuesday)
4. edit two stories for Buzzy Magazine
5. finish editing a client manuscript
6. write the next chapter of DOGHOUSE (G&T #3)
7. clean the damned apartment (it’s not too bad, but could use a dust-and-vac)
8. keep working on the on-spec manuscript as I find time.
9. update the website with new links and news
10. go to a birthday party and not zone out from lack of sleep….

Yeah, okay, I can do that. Right?  And also find some time to get outside and suck some fresh air into my lungs….


I’ve done the 9-6 office job thing, and I’ve done the fluctuating-shifts retail thing, and this suits me better.  But yeah, I miss the surety of  actual non-working weekends sometimes…

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