2015 rolling out, 2016 rolling in…

2015 has been both one of the most… amazingly satisfying years of my life, and also one of the roughest. I suspect the blend is impossible to avoid, especially when you’re not treading the same, familiar ground.  It was a year, and it will not come again.  But a new one always does.

And so, on this last day leading into First Night, I leave you not with a roundup or resolutions (those are personal, and so private) but my yearly wish for us all, that the very best of this year past is the worst that we will face in 2016.

*raises glass* To our health and our well-being, physical, mental, emotional and financial, from this house to yours.


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2 thoughts on “2015 rolling out, 2016 rolling in…”

  1. The same wishes back to you.

    I usually don’t leave a comment on the blog-I do and did back at google+-but I wanted to say what I just said.

    And looking forward to seeing what you publish this next year

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