Staying Dead

Retrievers #1: Staying Dead

Welcome to the world of the Cosa Nostradamus, where magic crackles on every corner, and not every person you meet is human.

If you’ve lost something of value, and you can’t go to the police, you need a Retriever. And if that item is magical?

You need Wren Valere. An exceptional thief – with exceptional Talent.

Normally, Wren loves her job. But some clients are worse than others, and some jobs just scream trouble from the start. And with this one, involving a real estate mogul and a stolen spell, she and her business partner Sergei may have gotten into more than they can handle alone.

But some secrets shouldn’t stay buried. No matter the cost.


Gilman delivers an exciting, fast-paced, unpredictable story that never lets up…

—SF Site

Snarky and cynical, a little violent,  broody and amusingly perceptive.  It’s also tough to put down. Gilman’s got a winner here.

—Contra Costa Times