Practical Meerkat’s…

52 Bits of Useful Information for Young (And Old) Writers

In 2011, I was challenged to write a weekly advice column for writers, drawing on my years not only as a writer but as an editor – all the behind-the-scenes things that we learn by experience, often the hard way.  It seemed a useful thing to do – after all, while writing is a craft, publishing is a business.  A smart — successful — writer understands both.

Much to my surprise, “Practical Meerkat” became a popular Friday event at BookView Cafe’s blog.  So popular, that in 2012 we released the ebook edition (cleaned up and updated, with a useful table of contents).

So, for $2.99 you get a year’s worth of first-hand advice from the popular Practical Meerkat series, including:

  • Knowing When Not to Complain (and how to do it)
  • Bar Schmoozing with the Big Dogs (even if you don’t drink)
  • Dealing with a Difficult Editor/Agent
  • and 49 more!

DRM-free formats: EPUB, MOBI/Kindle

What are you waiting for?

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(for those who have asked: ‘meerkat’ has been my nickname since … well, since I started in the industry.  And the advice is, indeed, quite practical…)