Wisdom may be in holding your opinions close, but there’s definite freedom in letting them fly.

I HAVE STRONG OPINIONS and I HAVE (MORE) STRONG OPINIONS are a collection of no-holds-barred rants from award-winning author Laura Anne Gilman on the everyday frustrations and irritations of life in the 21st century,from Facebook to fireworks, sex ed to snow tires, and more.Buckle up and grab some snacks for an often exasperated, occasionally affectionate, always entertaining ride.

“Go on the journey. Buckle up. Get ready for some salt. You’re in good hands.You’re in an expert’s hands.” – from the Introduction by Chuck Wendig

“A great pick me up, especially if you had a really bad day.” -Jorge R Fernandez (Goodreads)

“Short, to the point, funny, and spot on, “Opinions” was a fast and fun read.”- Bea (Goodreads)

“Delightfully snarky”- Sarah Jean (Goodreads)