The dogdamned record-breaking HOT Clarion write-a-thon update, days 25 & 26 / G&T update. And Stuff.

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RT @annenbcnews: Today is now the 2nd hottest day in NYC history. 104 degrees at 3pm. I have nothing more to say. Except, *melt*.

Also, my trip to DragonCon may be in danger of cancellation for reasons totally out of my control, damn it. Everyone clap your hands and say “let the universe behave” and maybe it will sort itself out….


Forward motion on Gen & Tonic Investigations #1: 7,465 / 70,000

Still no contract. I Have Faith. Really. *nods* Faith.


Title: “Strong Earth”
Starting point: 1,100 words of outline
Goal: 20,000 words of story
new words: 1,038 for two day’s total
Total words: 16,410
Research: none


“The soldiers, they have reason to arrest you?” More than the theft, she meant. She did not know why a soldier would bayonet a man… No, she knew. She simply did not wish to think about it.

Dead Bodies: not dead yet, by god.
Revelations: not one, but two.
Things magical: herbwitchery of a most basic sort


And now I have to think seriously about Going Outside, to head into Manhattan to shove myself into a small bar with no AC to hear people read good fiction. If it wasn’t for the good fiction part, I’d say the hell with that…I am under orders to do no such thing. My parents & my sweetie, they know my heat tolerances (or lack thereof)…

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